Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Lori Fink

Member of 2019 class

Lori Fink

Lori Fink

Chief Legal Officer, Xandr

After graduating from Western Illinois University and Washburn Law School (Go Ichabods!), Lori started her career as a Law Clerk in the United States District Court in Kansas and then at a Topeka, Kansas law firm. A job with the Kansas Corporation Commission brought her into the world of regulatory law, and she eventually made her way to Southwestern Bell in Topeka. There, she spent time as a legal generalist, pinch-hitting for multiple parts of the business.

As she began work with the corporate communications and strategy units, unanswered questions surrounding the advent of big data, and its implications for privacy, started popping up more and more. She later became Chief Privacy Officer and was an integral part of the business world’s initial development of strategies around big data and privacy on global scales.

Having touched all parts of law at all levels, Lori believes one should be curious as to new ways to do things, and flexible enough to capitalize on those opportunities. These values are foundational to Xandr:

“Flexibility is part of the culture. Even with a roadmap, new data or innovations may create unexpected forks in the road. We need to be able to pivot where it makes sense.” Lori’s recent career at AT&T has been spent mastering data protection and consumer privacy, something that many of today’s businesses are trying to get right. Some of her earliest, simplest learnings still apply: data protections and privacy won’t be solved with a checkbox right before deployment; it must be “baked in” to any product or strategy from the get-go, what she calls “privacy by design.”

After a career of navigating how the world’s largest companies deal with the privacy issues of the future, Lori understands the power of data to affect our lives better than just about anyone. But ask her what she thinks Xandr’s greatest asset is, and she will tell you:

“It’s people. Some would focus on the data, but it takes people to unleash the opportunities behind that data in the right way. People are the innovators and the creativity.” Lori looks forward to building something truly great with those people.